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Medical Assessment

Fill in the questionnaire and upload photos for your online Body Transformation Consultation.

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery throughout the world. Used for both aesthetic and functional reasons, it can be used to restore deformities, heal fractures or cracks, solve breathing problems, and create a more appealing aesthetic appearance. 


Rhinoplasty is administered in either an open structure or a closed structure, the appropriate method being determined during the initial medical examination. Open structure rhinoplasty is the preferred method, as it allows the surgeon to operate visually and allows for easier intervention to the nasal cavity. Rhinoplasty can be administered to help rectify several abnormalities, including:

  • Fixing humped bones and other intranasal elements.

  • Rasping the tip of the nose to reduce length.

  • Restoring lop-sidedness.

  • Cartilage reconstruction.

  • Lifting and volumising the nasal tip.

Doctor's Clinic


We will provide a free consultation appointment to find out a little about yourself and what you desire to achieve from the procedure or procedures you choose.

Above the Clouds

Flights & Airport Transfer

Flights to Turkey and back to the UK will be included when you take out a package from Dr Implants. We also provide Airport Transfer to your Accommodation.

Hotel Exterior


Accommodation will be provided when you get to Turkey. You will have a choice of many hotels that you want to stay.

Performing Surgery


We ensure that most of our surgeons in Turkey are qualified to High Level and have a good track record so our clients are looked after to the highest standard.

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Top Tips When Filling Out
Our Online Assessment Form

  • We ask you to be as detailed as possible regarding your medical history.

  • Write down which areas you want to have the perfect smile and your expected outcome from our body transformation procedure.

  • Upload some Photos Following Imagery Example Provided within the questionnaire.

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