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Affordable Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery throughout the world,  used for both aesthetic and functional reasons.  It can be used to restore deformities, heal fractures or cracks, solve breathing problems, and create a more appealing aesthetic appearance of the nose and face.

The first step of this treatment involves a comprehensive medical examination, where you can express your complaints while the expert doctors assess your nose. After this examination, the appropriate course of action will be chosen, with the suitability of the targeted nose structure related to other facial aspects.

Using specialised software, the ideal nose structure will be shown to the patient via digital approximations to give them an idea about what their nose will look likeYou and your doctor will then decide on the best approach to help give you your dream nose.

Rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty is administered in either an open structure or a closed structure and the appropriate method will be determined during the initial medical examination. Open structure rhinoplasty is the preferred method, as it allows the surgeon to operate visually and allows for easier intervention to the nasal cavity. Rhinoplasty can be administered to help rectify several abnormalities, including:

  • Fixing humped bones and other intranasal elements.

  • Rasping the tip of the nose to reduce length.

  • Restoring lop-sidedness.

  • Cartilage reconstruction.

  • Lifting and volumising the nasal tip.

  • Breathing issues