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We’ve brought Medical Tourism to our clients throughout the UK, offering a wide variety of safe hair transplantation and plastic surgery procedures for an affordable price.


Here at Dr Implants & Plastic Surgery Ltd, we are a Medical Tourism Company. Although we reside in the Midlands area, we provide clients across the UK with the best possible offers for cosmetic surgery procedures. We work with the award-winning Academic Hospital of Istanbul, Turkey.

Our surgeons follow the latest methods of treatments approved by The World Health Organisation.


Additionally, all procedures are carried out by our surgeons’ following advanced medical developments only using the latest tools and technology. Thus ensuring that our clients have a safe, high-quality delivery of treatment every time. At Dr Implants our main focus is client satisfaction! Therefore, with the help of you and our team, we help you to meet our beauty and wellness needs. As a result, we can guarantee a smooth successful treatment process that will leave clients feeling safe, comfortable and above all completely satisfied.



Ifty has a great deal of experience when it comes to customer care. He believes when carrying out life-changing surgery everything needs to be perfect before the surgery can go ahead.

''Whenever we take a customer on board we make sure that the client is happy on what procedure they are going for as this will be life-changing. We want the best for our clients, that's what matters to me and my team'' - Ifty 



Our expert staff, dynamic services, and personal approach allow us to provide a highly beneficial service to every patient. With a strong focus on your complete satisfaction.


We work to determine how our team of experienced surgeons and aesthetic specialists can help meet your exact beauty and wellness needs.

No matter where you are in the UK, we will take care of all your travel arrangements to bring you to our fully equipped clinic in Turkey. We guarantee a smooth, successful treatment process that will leave you feeling comfortable, safe, and completely satisfied.

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How It Works

Once you speak to our expert team from Dr Implants, we will set up a personal package tailored to your needs. Whether it is hair transplant, body alterations and many other services we provide to our clients (You). We hold values within Dr Implants which makes us different from any other medical tourism firm:

Clarity: We want to make sure our clients are comfortable on the decision they are making. We will give a step by step instructions on what the client will expect.

Free Consultation: Consulting with the client making sure what they want from the chosen procedure. 

Professional Harvard Surgeons: We ensure that the majority of our surgeons in Turkey are qualified to Harvard Level and have a good track record.

Professional Facilities: We have the state of the art facilities in Turkey Instanbul to make your procedure successful. We make sure that they are accredited to a high standard.

Dedicated aftercare: We provide aftercare products to all of our clients. Once the procedure is carried out we want to make sure our clients treated to a high standard.


60 Bradford Street, Walsall

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