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Hair Transplant Abroad

At Dr Implants we can answer this with a simple FREE consultation which will give you an overview of what needs to be done to gain full hair growth


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No matter where you live in the UK, if you have been spending hours searching for a ‘hair transplant near me’, ‘hair transplant in London’ or even ‘hair loss clinic in Birmingham’ we can help. Not only will we help you to restore your hair but we’d provide you with the best quality hair implants from our treatment centre in Turkey.

Out of various hair transplant methods that can take place, we selectively use the DHI and FUE techniques to ensure you have thicker, fuller hair. In addition to restoring the hair on your head, we cater to those wanting to grow more hair on their eyebrows, beard and even in their moustache hair.

In short, whether you have been suffering from premature thinning, alopecia, receding hair, alopecia or going bald from ageing look no further –  Dr Implants is the right choice for you.

DHI Hair Transplant

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Direct Hair Implantation is similar to FUE method. Recommended for people who are suffering from hair thinning or when they have small areas of hair loss.

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As hair transplantation continues to develop, facial hair transplantation has become a more popular way for you to grow facial hair in places you couldn’t before.

FUE Hair Transplant

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It involves removing individual units of follicular units from the back of the head and transplanting them into targeted areas. Patients undergoing FUE surgery are able to grow hair in places they lost.

Facial Hair Transplant


At Dr Implants we offer an all-inclusive package for your hair transplant in Istanbul turkey. We will be arranging a transfer from the airport to the hotel. Once you have settled in the hotel we will transfer you to Our Prestigious hospital in Istanbul. 

Our Harvard Qualified Surgeons will explain in detail on what will happen during the procedure. So you are fully aware of the type of work that will be carried out. Once the surgery is completed the Doctor will explain in detail what you will have to do in order to gain the perfect result. At Dr Implants we provide after-care for all of our clients 


All depends on how many follicles are taken out of the donor area for a transplant, for an example for 1000 follicles may be completed within 2 hours or more, and 4500 follicles may take up to 8 hours.

Step one extraction and preservation of hair follicles, second step planning and incising the hair canals and the final stage hair follicles are inserted inside the previously opened canals. Length of time taken depending on how many follicles taken from the donor area.

You can return to work within 2 days after the hair transplant surgery, scabs will be formed at the transplanted site, the redness at the back of the head will fade away about three days after the surgery, with 7-10 days you should be clear from all redness and scabs on the head and ready for your new look.



The answer is yes it works, the hair follicles are harvested from the donor site at the back of the patient’s head between the two ears and transplanted to the recipient site all those hair follicles belong to the patient remain alive on the transplant site and they grow naturally and gives a permanent result.

For example, if we use donated hair of other people, which will course more complication on the long run and also there will be no guarantee that the hair will grow. Hair transplant is a personal choice and proven fact and this is why hair transplant is on the increase each year worldwide.


It is a common question asked by all patients.  The answer is no, there a is a mild level pain felt when the anaesthesia is injected at the start of the operation, thereafter the rest of the procedure is painless.

After the hair transplant procedure, some patients do feel mild pain for the first night after the surgery, this can be easily relieved by pain killers prescribed by the doctors.  


When should you have a Hair Transplant?

There isn’t an exact age for hair transplant everyone is different physically and emotionally, some may prefer a hair transplant at the age of 20 years and some at a later age, every individual is different.  Some may refer to a temporary solution such as medicine, shampoo etc. but a permanent solution is a hair transplant.


Yes, both male and female have hair follicles which can be used for a hair transplant, all depends on the methods that they prefer, DHI method is preferred method by anyone who doesn’t want to shave their hair and increase the thickness by planting extra hair from the donor area at the back of the head between the two ears.  FUE method requires shaving the hair off.

Hair Model


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