DHI Hair Transplant

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DHI Hair Transplant

What is a DHI Hair Transplant?

Direct hair Implantation (DHI) is a similar method of hair transplant to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Many of our clients opt for the DHI procedure when their hair is thinning or when they have small areas of hair loss.

This method of hair transplant was developed to implant hair grafts closer together, resulting in the client having a thicker head of hair. The DHI method of hair transplant has the same extraction technique as the FUE method. Therefore, hair grafts are individually taken out of the donor area by the surgeon using micro-forceps alongside the help of an extraction machine. Once this has been done, the hair grafts are prepared and protected at a temperature within a special solution ready for implantation.


Procedure of DHI Hair Transplant

The hair roots are taken using the FUE method and placed inside the pen planting tool known as Choi pen technology.  Through using the Choi pen, surgeons can implant hair grafts directly into the appointed area of the head. Additionally, when using pen technology surgeons’ have more control with how hair grafts are implanted. After the roots are placed in the pens, the roots are then injected into the skin by adjusting the angle, direction, and depth of the pens. The needle retracts, and the stem stays behind under the skin

The Choi pen allows the surgeons to sow at any rate without leaving any marks or pits in the beard and moustache areas.