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Rugby players getting hair transplants.

Rugby star Shaun Lunt gets hair transplant in Turkey

Ex-England Player, Shaun Lunt, flew to Turkey to get a hair transplant done and describes it as the “best thing” he’s ever done.

The player was back to action only 3 days after the surgery which involved over 4500 hair follicles being transplanted into the top and sides of his head.

The rugby player was excited to get the procedure done by the expert surgeons in Turkey and was well looked after with the stresses of travelling being taken away by the outstanding service he received.

Shaun Lunt is just one of the many people who choose to get these type of surgeries done in Turkey because of the friendly and reliable service available.

And now Shaun Lunt, the professional rugby player says men who are scared of going bald or are going bald should get the procedure done before it gets any worse.

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