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Everything you need to know about Hair Transplants

Worldwide majority of Men get their hair transplants done, this is due to the hair loss that they get which usually starts from the age of 25.

However Women do suffer from hair loss and they do get hair transplants done as well. We have had many cases where our clients did not have thick enough which decreased their confidence.

There are many reasons why people lose their hair. It can range from genetics or poor maintenance of hair.

At Dr Implants we specialise in Hair Transplantation. We have two methods which is FUE and DHI.

What is difference?

The DHI method of hair transplant has the same extraction technique as the FUE method. Therefore, hair grafts are individually taken out of the donor area by the surgeon using micro-forceps alongside the help of an extraction machine. Next, the hair grafts are prepped and protected at a temperature within a special solution ready for implantation.

FUE is an advanced procedure to the likes of FUT (Follicular Unit Transaction) otherwise known as the strip method. In short, the main difference between the two procedures is the way hair grafts are taken from the patient. With an FUE hair transplant, hair grafts are taken out individually using a specialised punch tool and micro-forceps.

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