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Want thicker fuller lips? You're not alone

Lips are one of the most important features of the face. They draw attention whilst completing your aesthetic appearance. Fuller lips are often associated with attractiveness whereas thin lips create the impression of sag or leave your face looking undefined. 

Benefits of Lip Surgery:

Aesthetically pleasing fuller lips (You'll Look Amazing)

Confidence boosting (You'll feel fab)

Which methods are used for lip operations?

Our lip operations can be performed surgically or non-surgically according to your unique needs and the condition of your lips. Non-surgical methods involve using dermal fillers. Surgical augmentation involves removing tissue from another location on the body and carefully placing it into the lip. This method has more permanent results when compared to the dermal filler method. However, it requires a local anaesthetic and can cause some bruising.

How long does the healing process take after the lip operation?

Due to the high circulation in the lip area, the healing process following lip augmentation is quick. Some bruising and swelling may occur after the procedure, but this will disappear after seven to ten days.

How is lip reduction administered?

This treatment is administered under a local anaesthetic and involves the removal of various tissues from the lip mucosa, after which the lip is carefully and invisibly stitched. While this treatment is mainly used to increase lip size, it can also be administered to reduce the size of extra thick lips.


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