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Suffering Forehead Lift?

Sagging and creased foreheads are often considered to be the first signs of ageing, distorting the appearance of your face and making you look tired. With the help of our highly trained medical professionals, we provide professional forehead surgeries to reduce and prevent sagging in the forehead and eyebrows, restoring your youthful appearance.

Benefits of Forehead Surgery:

Rejuvenate the forehead (More youthful looking forehead)

Boost of confidence and self-esteem (You’ll look fab)

How is forehead lift surgery decided upon?

Forehead surgery will be chosen as the appropriate procedure during your consultation with your surgeon, who will carefully examine your face type, skin, and scalp to determine the most suitable method based on your needs and desired results.

What should patients avoid after forehead lift surgery?

Cold compresses should be applied to the forehead, and the head should be elevated higher than usual with extra pillows to reduce any potential postoperative swelling and bruising.

In what cases is forehead lift surgery administered?

Forehead lift surgery will help you reduce any creases, lines, and wrinkles on your forehead, as well as any potential brow-related problems. This surgery can also treat side-view deformities and caved in foreheads.


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