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Upper Arm Lift? 

Upper arm sagginess (informally known as bingo wings or flabby arms) is one of the most common problems in body aesthetics. Over time, the skin naturally loses its elasticity due to a variety of factors, leading to sagging skin between the elbow and the point of the shoulder.

While skin is naturally loose in the upper-arm area of the body, excessive sagging can be a result of various factors.


Research has determined that the most common reasons for loose skin are fluctuating body weight and ageing.


Our brachioplasty services are the perfect way to combat this, helping you restore a natural, youthful look to your upper arms.

Why does the upper-arm sag?

While skin is naturally loose in this area of the body, excessive sagging in the upper arms can result from a variety of factors. However, the most common reasons are fluctuating body weight and ageing.

The benefits

Reduces excess sagging that droops downward

Youthful arms (Firmer toned-looking arms)

Confidence boosting (You’ll feel fab)

How is brachioplasty administered?

This treatment can be carried out either by removing excess fat or removing excess skin. The ideal method is determined according to your needs, and both methods target and reshape the excess skin running from the armpit to the elbow.

What happens after the surgery?

Drains may be inserted in some cases following surgery and will be removed after two to three days. Additionally, pressure bandages are applied to the operation area to prevent swelling and bruising. Recovery time differs. However, patients are generally cleared to return to their everyday routine after a week.

What are the steps of brachioplasty procedure?

In cases where fluctuating body weight has resulted in thicker skin, liposuction is first administered before any excess skin is removed.

The armpit to the elbow is targeted during the procedure, with small incisions being made near the armpit to tighten the excess skin.


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