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Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Something about your nose getting you down? You’re not alone.
Many people want to alter the shape of their nose in order for it to look aesthetically pleasing or to increase the functionality.

Rhinoplasty surgery, commonly known as a ‘nose job’ is the procedure used to reshape the nose. This can be used to either increase or reduce the size of the nose. Whether you wanted to shape the tip of the nose, the bridge or even reshape the nostrils rhinoplasty surgery can help you.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery:

  • Aesthetically pleasing nose
  • Increase the functionality
  • Boost your confidence (You’ll feel fab)

Frequently Asked Questions (Our FAQs)

Who can have rhinoplasty surgery?

Generally, anyone healthy with a full grown nose is able to have rhinoplasty surgery. Your suitability is generally determined during a formal medical examination.


Who will decide my rhinoplasty?

The first step of this treatment involves a comprehensive medical examination, where you can express your complaints while our expert doctors assess the nose.

After this examination, the appropriate course of action will be chosen, with the suitability of the targeted nose structure related to other facial aspects.

Using specialised software, the ideal nose structure will be shown to the patient via digital approximations. You and your surgeon will then decide on the best approach to help give you your dream nose.


What are the two types of rhinoplasty surgery?

An augmentation rhinoplasty is what you would have done should you want to build on to your nose.
Whereas reduction rhinoplasty is the surgery to reduce the nose.

How will the surgery be administered?

Rhinoplasty is administered under general anaesthetic in either an open structure or a closed structure, the appropriate method being determined during the initial medical examination.
Open structure rhinoplasty is the preferred method, as it allows the surgeon to operate visually and allows for easier intervention to the nasal cavity. This method will help rectify several abnormalities, including:

Fixing humped bones and other intranasal elements.
Rasping the tip of the nose to reduce length.
Restoring lopsidedness.
Cartilage reconstruction.
Lifting and volumising the nasal tip.

Surgeries of this nature can last between 1 -2 hours.

Are nose jobs painful?

Unfortunately, after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery you will experience discomfort, unpleasantness and some discomfort. All of which should subside with time.

What is the recovery time for rhinoplasty surgery?

Expect to have at least 2 weeks downtime as you are healing from your surgery. Immediately after surgery, you will experience swelling and possible bruising around the eyes. This will improve with time and will visibly be better around 2 weeks post-surgery.


Can I do anything to make my nose heal faster?

There are many ways you can help your surgery to be a success during the postoperative period. Most importantly you will need to protect your nose and remember to be patient throughout.
It is advised to drink lots of water and have lots of rest. You may also find that cold compresses help to reduce swelling you may have.
Dressings for your nose will require changing on a regular basis. Also, any painkillers, anti-inflammatories and anti-edematous medications should be taken only as prescribed.


When can I move on with my social/ business life?

Patients can be discharged on the same day as the procedure, or the day after. Patients may feel a dull ache following the surgery, which can be managed by taking any prescribed painkillers. Should any bruising form, this should fade a few days after the surgery. Any swelling will also slowly decrease and will be gone after two weeks.

Sleeping with the head slightly elevated, and applying a cold compress will also be beneficial. Nasal casts will generally be removed after one week. However, it is not uncommon for casts to stay in place longer.


Are the results of a rhinoplasty permanent?

All rhinoplasty procedures are generally permanent. However, revision operations can be performed if necessary.

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