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Does having hair boost confidence for men?

Hair has a major impact on a man's self-esteem and confidence. For example, we have seen films where there is a dramatic change of personality when they are styling their and getting ready to go out within the film.

It is scientifically proven that loss of hair affects the individual's self-esteem and confidence and this can have an effect on day to day living whether it is at home or at work. You will still think about you if you're suffering from hair loss.

According to the Men's Health Forum. Approximately around 7.4 Million Men are suffering from hair loss each year. Source:

Hair transplantation is a resolution towards hair loss. The surgeons will simply implement your hair follicles on top of your head which will increase hair growth.

One tip: Do not consistently wear hats or caps, as less oxygen goes to your hair which will lead to hair loss and thin hair.

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