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Leg Lift

Legs are one of the most noticeable parts of the human body. Some men see legs as tantalising and women can feel empowered by them. Many men and women alike admire their legs, especially in the mirror. However, there are some who feel uncomfortable with their legs due to having excess skin, stubborn fat and stretch marks.

Loose skin can have several adverse effects on your self-confidence, as well as the overall aesthetics of your body. The skin on our legs naturally loosens and sags over time as a result of little elasticity which is caused by a variety of things like reduced fat and muscle tissue, ageing, gravity and more.

A thigh lift (informally known as leg lift surgery) is a surgical procedure that is implemented to combat against excess fat from the inner and outer thigh areas. Typically, this surgery is carried out after a substantial weight loss to contour and shape the leg to a desirable look. As well as this it can be used to remove any stubborn excess fatty tissue that cannot be removed through dieting or by exercising.

Our leg lift surgery is designed to help you to reduce the appearance of loose sagging skin on your thighs so that your legs look more toned. All of our leg lift procedures are performed with advanced tools in order to provide our patients with the best quality results.

Benefits of thigh lift surgery:

  • A boost of self-esteem (Be body confident)
  • Reshaped legs (Aesthetically pleasing)
  • Reduced fat and reduced excess skin
  • Improved quality of life (You’ll feel fab)

Frequently Asked Questions (Our FAQs)

How will my thigh lift surgery be administered?

There are different thigh lift surgeries to achieve certain results. For example, an inner thigh lift or a thighplasty is a popular procedure for thinning and firming the inner thighs.
Dependent on your aesthetic goals your surgeon will recommend possible areas of incisions.

Generally, thigh lift surgery is usually carried out whilst patients are under general anaesthetic. Typically the surgery will take between 2 – 3 hours to complete.
It is a 3-Step procedure which involves:
An incision across the top of the thigh area (close to the groin).

Excess skin is then pulled upwards to a new position before being stitched into place.
Any extra loose skin and fat would be trimmed resulting in smooth, shaped legs.

Who can have thigh lift surgery?

Both men and women can undergo thigh lift surgery.

What should I expect after surgery?

Following the procedure, dressings will be applied to your areas of incisions. Rubber drains will be placed under the skin during the surgery temporarily to help any excess fluid or blood from being collected in the body. Once the drains are no longer needed they will be taken out by your surgeon before you are discharged.

Checks will also be made by your surgeon to ensure everything is healing well. Patients are usually discharged from the hospital the day after your surgery.


How long does it take to recover from thigh lift surgery?

The recovery timeline for thigh lift surgery is dependent on whether you have opted for inner or an outer thigh lift.

For the best results, we recommend not showering for at least two days after your surgery. Compression stockings should be worn for a week, along with a special corset to help prevent swelling and bruising.

During the initial recovery period, the feet should be elevated over the heart while sitting or sleeping. No physical exercise should be done for at least four weeks after the procedure.

Approximately 10 days post surgery you can get to light activities and between 4 – 6 weeks you should be able to return to normality participating in everyday activities.

Can other parts of the leg be lifted?

In cases where significant weight loss has caused extensive sagging all over the leg, the hip and back should also be lifted to ensure consistent, natural results. Any incisions made during surgery will be extended to the sides and back of the hips to tighten these areas. This will help tighten the skin in the inner and outer leg.

Will thigh lift surgery get rid of my cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that is caused by fat deposits getting through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Briefly, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced when you have undergone thigh lift surgery. However, there is no guarantee that thigh lift surgery will rid you from cellulite all together as it can reappear.

In order to reduce the appearance of cellulite weight loss is advised. By strengthening your muscles and lessening fat cells you can tighten your connective tissue.

Alternatively, using coconut oil on the skin is proven to reduce cellulite as it breaks down fatty deposits with cells.

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