General FAQ

How much do consultations cost?

At Dr Implants we provide one free consultation for our clients. During the consultation clients will be able to speak to a specialist who will give them their professional advice about the problem/needs and surgery required. We strongly believe that cosmetic surgery is not a simple procedure and has a massive impact on the patient therefore, you need an independent professional opinion from a highly skilled trained specialist. 

How much do operations cost?

As the packages are tailored to individual needs and wants, we cannot state an exact price for an operation until the consultants have assessed the situation. Once all assessments have been completed, a price can be provided. 

Will I meet the surgeon who will be treating me at the consultation?


As the hospitals we use are based in Istanbul, Turkey, is it not possible for the patient to meet the surgeon who will perform their procedure until their consultation and procedure in Turkey. Our West Midlands based team will meet the client until they travel to Turkey for their treatment.


Is plastic surgery safe?


As with any type of surgery, there are always risks involved however, we will ensure from start to finish that our clients get the best possible treatment and aftercare to minimise the risk of altercations. 


Where are you based?

Our team resides in the West Midlands, Walsall and our offices are based on 60 Bradford Street, Walsall, WS1 3QD.

How do I complain about my surgical procedure?

Every clinic or hospital has a complaints procedure should a patient want to file a complaint if they are not fully satisfied with their service. A copy of the complaints procedure can be provided by the hospital which will explain how to proceed with a complaint. The first step would be to raise the matter with the nurse or surgeon concerned.