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Why choose Dr Implants for Plastic Sugery?

In current society plastic surgery has become more and more common to achieve aesthetic goals. It can involve restoration, reconstruction or even alteration of the human body. 

Here at Dr. Implants we offer a variety of procedures. From body shaping, breast aesthetics, liposuction, nose surgery and genital aesthetics we cater to all needs.

Body Shaping

Thinking of getting a hair transplant?

We’re offering professional hair transplant services according to the latest industry standards and methods.

Breast Aesthetics

With our bespoke breast aesthetic treatments, we can help you improve your self-esteem and feelings of femininity with healthy, shapely breasts.

Facial Aesthetics

Our surgical facial treatments can help you combat the natural effects of ageing by removing wrinkles, lines, fat, and jowls from the face and neck area.

Genital Aesthetics

We also offer several genital aesthetic surgeries to help rectify congenital or adventitious deformities in the vulva-vagina area.

if you are struggling to get rid of unwanted weight anywhere on your body through diet and exercise, our liposuction services can help you remove the fat and reshape your body.

Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

We offer professional nose surgery according to the highest standards for both aesthetic and functional reasons, ensuring we meet all your unique rhinoplasty needs.


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