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Buttock Implants

Buttocks are an essential aesthetic feature for both men and women alike. In most cases, exercise, proper self-care, along with healthy eating habits are enough to create and maintain a healthy buttock structure and appearance. However, the buttocks can deteriorate resulting in several aesthetic problems, including sagging, loss of volume, flattening, excess enlargement, and more.

Generally, buttocks can change shape due to factors like ageing, genetic factors and weight fluctuations.

Gluteal augmentation, otherwise known as ‘buttock implants’, ‘buttock augmentation’ or ‘a gluteoplasty’ is a popular treatment that helps to restore the buttocks to a more desirable condition.

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art methods to improve the buttocks. Each method is carried out according to the highest standards with advanced tools and equipment. During your consultation, we will determine the ideal method for you to ensure high-quality results according to your needs and aesthetic goals.


  • Boost of confidence
  • Fuller, rounder buttocks
  • A well-balanced figure

Frequently Asked Questions (Our FAQs)

What are your methods of gluteal augmentation?

Our methods of gluteal augmentation involve either fat grafting or the use of implants. Both are separate procedures but can also be combined for desired results.

Fat Grafting is otherwise known as ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’, it involves liposuctioning out the fatty tissue from one area on the body and transferring it into the buttocks.

We also use safe silicone gel implants, that are FDA approved to enhance the buttocks. When using implants, incisions the size of five centimetres are made on the gluteal cleft before the implants are placed directly into the gluteal muscles.

Surgeries for buttock lifts can be carried out simultaneously to remove any excess fat and skin.

What happens after the surgery?

You will be kept in hospital overnight for observation, and released the following day. You may experience some aches and difficulty moving for a few days. However, this should fade fairly quickly. Painkillers prescribed by your surgeon will help relieve any more prominent pain. We will also provide you with a specialised corset, which should be worn for three to four weeks after the procedure to prevent any further swelling.

Will I have difficulty standing up or sitting down after surgery?

This surgery will have no adverse effects on your ability to stand, sit, or walk.

How long does the healing process take?

You will be able to shower three days after surgery, move on with your routine after five days, and do physical exercise after two weeks.

Any bruising and swelling will fade entirely after four weeks.

Will there be any scarring?

Typically, there will be scarring with either procedure to improve the buttocks. Scars are dependent on the procedure. However, our surgeons aim to leave minimal scars that are not visible and can be easily covered by underwear.

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