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Breast Reduction

Breasts generally grow at their own pace. With that said, it is common for breasts to grow excessively spurring them to lose their shape and become problematic for women. Many women want breast reduction surgery to improve their breast shape and appearance. Some women feel self-conscious about their large breast size and the unwanted attention they bring and want reductive surgery to feel better about themselves. However, others want to prevent daily inconveniences such as pains caused by excessive breast growth.

At Dr Implants our safe, custom-tailored breast reduction surgery offers the perfect solution, helping you bring more balance to your breasts, and solve a variety of aesthetic and functional concerns.


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Are you wondering what breast reduction surgery involves?

A breast reduction is also known as a reduction mammoplasty. Reduction surgery is a surgical procedure to make breasts smaller. This involves removing fat, breast tissue and skin, nipple repositioning and reshaping in order to achieve smaller breasts.

Tip: Pains can occur in the neck, back, waist and even in the shoulders (in relation to bra-straps).

Benefits of having a breast reduction:

  • Reduced breast-related pains
  • Aesthetically pleasing breasts
  • You can be more active (Smaller breasts = Less weight to carry)
  • Boost In confidence (More comfortable personally and socially.

Frequently Asked Questions (Our FAQs)

Before my operation what will happen?

During your initial consultation, you will be talking to your surgeon about your expectations of the surgery and the reasons for wanting the surgery overall to determine your aesthetic goal. You’ll be asked questions regarding current medication and any illness you may have suffered before. It is at this time your weight and height will be noted and breasts will undergo an examination. Photos may be taken for your medical records. After giving your consent to progress the surgery will go ahead within the coming days.

Will I be under local or general anaesthetic?

Your breast reduction surgery will be carried out under general anaesthetic.

How will my breast reduction be administered?

The type of breast reduction surgery administered is dependent on your height, weight, and body size before surgery. When both breasts are similar in size, a general reduction will be performed. Alternatively, if one breast is smaller and closer to a more natural size, only one breast will be reduced.

Firstly with targeted areas will be drawn out on the breasts.
Incisions are typically made on the target areas, and any excessive breast tissue is removed. Afterwards, the breast is then reshaped with the nipple lifted to a natural position.

Usually, breast reduction surgery lasts two to three hours

Can you tell me more about the incisions?

Similarly to a breast lift, breast reduction surgery uses two incision patterns.
1. Anchor-type (also known as inverted T) where incisions are made around the nipple, down and across the breast crease.
2. Lollipop (also known as vertical) where incisions are made around the nipple and down towards the breast crease. Typically this incision pattern is used for smaller breasts.
3. Circumareolar (also known as the periareolar reduction) where incisions are only around the areola.

What about scarring?

Scarring is dependent on what incision is made during the surgery.
Inevitably there will be scarring but our surgeons aim to minimise any scar lines ensuring that they are not visible when wearing clothes (especially bikinis or bras).

Who can have this treatment?

Patients over the age of 20 with breasts that have completely grown, or with breasts that have not experienced any growth for at least six months can receive breast reduction treatments.

How long does the healing process take?

An overnight stay in the hospital for observation is usually required with breast reduction procedures. Drains will be removed the day after surgery, after which you will be discharged. Bruising will usually fade within ten days, and swelling will take slightly longer, usually eight weeks, to fade away completely. After six months, your breasts will look completely natural.

Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

Although this treatment should not cause any problems or difficulties with your ability to breastfeed. Surgeons generally advise delaying this surgery if you are planning to become pregnant in the future.


Are the results of breast reduction surgery permanent?

Breast reduction treatments have permanent results, as removed tissue will not grow again.


Should I have breast reduction surgery?

Whether you want to reduce the size of your breasts for aesthetic purposes or to reduce the probable inconveniences of large breasts, breast reduction surgery can help you. Ultimately the choice of procedure you want will be your own personal choice.

Are there any things I can do to make my surgery a success?

Try to be as healthy as possible. Stopping smoking at least six weeks prior to surgery is advisable by our surgeons this would reduce any risk of complications. In addition to this good personal care is something that can help your surgery to be a success ensuring the area for surgery is as clean as possible beforehand.

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