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Breast Reconstruction

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Why choose Dr Implants for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast cancer is one of the most forms of cancer in women. Many women require surgery to remove areas of affected breast tissue or the whole breast altogether. As a result of having breasts removed through a mastectomy, numerous women are left feeling less feminine and this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem. 

The aim of breast reconstruction is to recreate a natural breast shape that matches your body and aesthetic goals. 

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction?

Natural Looking Breasts

Confidence Boosting 

Femininity Restored 

How is breast reconstruction surgery administered?

We offer two different progressive methods of breast reconstruction, namely the prosthesis method and the flap reconstruction method.

In the prosthesis method, the surgeon will put a temporary prosthesis under the skin once the mastectomy has been completed, which is filled with salt water to enlarge and expand the skin slowly. Once the desired result has been achieved, the temporary prosthesis is exchanged for a permanent one.

The flap reconstruction method involves recreating the breast using tissue removed from other areas of the body. Recovery time following this surgery is longer, and it will leave more scars than the prosthesis method. However, this method will give a more natural result.

Who can have this surgery?

Any patients who have had their breasts removed due to cancer or other health concerns are suited for this surgery.

What happens after the surgery?

Research has shown that breast reconstruction surgery has several positive effects in various areas of a patient’s life. While there will be slight differences between the natural and constructed breast, these differences will not be noticeable.

How long does the healing process take?

Breast reconstruction is administered under general anesthetic, and the duration of the procedure as well as the patient’s hospital stay depends on the treatment method. The prosthesis method usually takes one or two hours to complete and will require a hospital stay of up to three days.

The flap reconstruction method, however, may take up to ten hours and requires a stay of four to seven days. Drains will be removed between one and four days following the procedure. Any bruising or swelling will fade away with time.

If the silicone prosthesis method is used, you will be able to return to your daily routine in a few days. However, this may take up to a week with the flap reconstruction method. Heavy lifting, sexual intercourse, physical exercise, and driving should be avoided for up to eight weeks.  

Will I need to have other surgeries

after having breast reconstruction?

Full breast reconstruction will take several sessions to complete, especially where flap revision, breast lifts, breast reduction, and silicone prosthesis implantation are also undertaken. Nipple reconstruction can be carried out using several different methods. However, some patients do not require nipple reconstruction.


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