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Breast Lift

Naturally, breasts change shape and appearance. When breasts begin drooping (otherwise known as sagging) this could be due to factors such as: age, weight fluctuation, post-pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Drooping occurs when the breast tissue is no longer supported by the skin and fibrous ligaments. Fibrous support cannot be recreated within the breast, however, breast lift surgery can be an alternative solution.

Tip: The medical term of a breast lift is a mastopexy.

At Dr Implants our breast lift treatment will help you maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts. Our procedures involve reshaping the skin using inner breast tissue to reduce sag and fight against the effects of ageing, gravity, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and even genetic factors. Regardless of what you need from your breast lift treatment, we can tailor a bespoke treatment that suits you. 

Benefits of having a breast lift

  • Having breast lift surgery will essentially ‘lift’ the breasts making them firmer to touch and visibly higher.
  • Boost of self-esteem and confidence
  • Youthful appearance

Are you a candidate for a breast lift?

Although any breast size can be lifted, smaller breasts that have sagging tend to be ideal for the best results. If larger heavier breasts are uplifted they may droop again in the future.

Frequently Ask Questions (Our FAQs)

Who will choose the method of my breast lift?

Your doctor will determine the appropriate breast lift method according to your needs and aesthetic goals. Any women with no active disease in their breasts and who have not lactated for at least six months are eligible for this surgery.

Is there anything I should avoid before my surgery?

Comprehensive physical examinations should be carried out before surgery, and patients should stop smoking and taking blood thinners for at least three days before surgery. Additionally, no food or drink should be ingested up to six hours before the procedure.

How will my breast lift be administered?

Breast lifts are performed under general anaesthetic and take between two and three hours to complete. The appropriate method will be determined according to the size and shape of the breasts and the nipple, as well as the sagginess and elasticity of the skin. No matter what method is used, any asymmetry in the nipples or breasts will be fixed, any damaged breast tissue will be reconstructed, and any excess skin will be removed.

What about scarring?

There are two main techniques of incisions that surgeons use. Most common breast lift incisions are around the areola and vertically down to under the breast (this is known as vertical or lollipop). An alternative incision is around the areola, vertically down and along the breast crease (considered as an anchor).

Scarring is inevitable however the type of scar is dependent on the incision type used. Nevertheless, scars should not be very noticeable when wearing clothing (including bikini or bras). Our fully qualified surgeons will provide you with the best possible results leaving as little scarring as possible.

What will happen after my breast lift?

After the surgery, you may feel some mild pain, which can be easily treated with prescribed pain medication. Swelling and bruising will fade after a week, and any stitches will dissolve in ten to twelve days. Breasts will initially be slightly raised. However, they will return to their natural position within a month of the surgery. You will be free to return to your daily routine after three or four days and will be cleared to exercise within a month.

Can breasts sag after a breast lift?

While pregnancy, breastfeeding, and general weight fluctuations may cause breasts to sag again, breast lifts generally give successful, long-lasting results.

Will I be able to have a breast lift with an augmentation?

If, in addition to reducing sag, you would like to increase the size of your breasts, breast implants can be carried out simultaneously with breast lifts.

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